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Jaytech RDO 1800

Industrial Roller door opener

 Suitable for industrial/commercial roller doors up to 25m2

 Powerful 1800N DC Drive motor and top quality PCB. Complies with AS/NZS 60335.2.95:2012 Inc A1 and AS/NZS 60335.1:2011 Inc A1-3 as well as the RCM

 Cast alloy sun gear for exceptional strength

 Bright LED light board with automatic timer

 Standard with 2 x Premium keyring remote controls and 1 x Wireless wall button

 Manual release function in case of power outage with battery backup options available

 All metal drive gears for exceptional strength and reliability

 Smart WIFI Module compatible

With simple “push in” terminals the Jaytech RDO 1800 integrates seamlessly with almost all “smart” appliances such as the ismartgate  and the Izone. Monitor and control your garage door whilst you are away, set up custom actions and notifications, play music and open your garage door with voice control.  Integrates with Google Home, Alexa, Apple Home kit and IFTTT

 Micro Intellectual Control

One touch button to control open, stop and close and Rolling Code technology, when the transmitter sends a code, it generates a new code using an encoder. The receiver, after receiving a correct code, uses the same encoder with the same original seed to generate a new code that it will accept in the future. What does this mean? Put simply it means that no one else apart from the owner of the remote control can operate the garage door, it cannot be copied and gives you total security and peace of mind. Other openers which use a single code or dip switch technology can be intercepted and copied.

 Intelligent safety reverse and door mapping

A microprocessor computes the amount of force required to open and close the door safely and learns where the stiff spots are in your doors movement so that if an obstacle is encountered (car, person etc) the opener will recognize this and will automatically reverse

Included Remote Controls

Optional Extras

Smart WIFI Module

Wireless PIN Keypad 

Battery Backup

Photo Eye Beams