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No matter what material your garage door is made of, it will need to be serviced eventually. The door will need to be repaired and ultimately replaced in many cases.

At Swan Garage Doors, we can service, repair and install all types of garage doors and motors in Perth. Although common garage door issues may not seem like a big issue at the time, small, subtle noises and problems can become costly, mainly if they are not attended to right away.

Some of the common reasons garage doors need repairing are:

  • Squeaking and squealing from the motor or door
  • Broken hinges or springs
  • Dents in the garage door
  • Garage door stopping while opening or closing
  • Having to open the door manually
  • Not operating at all
  • Intermittent operational issues

If you notice anything unusual about your garage door or motor, have it looked at immediately. We also recommend regular maintenance.

Why Swan Garage Doors?

Expertise: Swan Garage Doors has a team of experienced technicians who specialise in garage door repairs in Perth. We have the skills and knowledge needed to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues with garage doors.

Quality workmanship: Swan Garage Doors is committed to providing high-quality workmanship and customer service in Perth. We use only top-quality parts and materials in our repairs, ensuring that your garage door is restored to its original condition.

Prompt service: When you need garage door repairs in Perth , you want them done as quickly as possible. Swan Garage Doors offers prompt service, with technicians available to respond to your call quickly and efficiently.

Competitive pricing: Garage door repairs can be expensive, but we offer competitive pricing for our services. We provide transparent pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Customer satisfaction: Swan Garage Doors strives to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. We have a strong reputation in Perth for our quality workmanship and commitment to customer care.

Emergency garage door services: Swan Garage door offers emergency services for situations such as when a garage door is stuck in the open or closed position, or when it has been damaged due to a storm or other unforeseen event. These emergency services are typically available 24/7, and may include repairs or temporary fixes to secure the door until a permanent solution can be implemented.

Garage Door Equipment

At Swan Garage Doors, we have extensive experience working with all garage doors and motors in Perth, including but not limited to:

  • Jaytech
  • Centurion
  • B+D
  • Windsor Steel-Line
  • Gliderol
  • Merlin

With a great working relationship with these companies, we can provide genuine parts for your garage door when you need them most. Our team will ensure you get the best product at a great price.

For more information, get in touch with us today at 1300 296 108 or fill out an online enquiry form.

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What to Expect at a Service

At Swan Garage Doors, we take pride in providing top-notch repair services. When you schedule a standard service with our expert repairers, you can expect a comprehensive 1 hour session that includes the following:

 1. Lubrication of Moving Parts:

Our skilled technicians will thoroughly lubricate all the essential moving parts of your garage door, such as the chain drive, tracks, wheels, or cable drum. This meticulous lubrication ensures that your door glides smoothly and operates quietly, eliminating any annoying noises.

 2. Tightening and Securing:

We understand the importance of a sturdy and secure garage door. Our team will diligently tighten all mounting points, door bolts, screws, cables, and connectors. This ensures the integrity of your garage door and tracks, preventing any potential issues that may arise from parts pulling away from their fixing points.

 3. Spring Tension Adjustment:

To prevent “spring fatigue” and undue strain on the opener, our experts will adjust the spring tension accurately. This adjustment helps extend the lifespan of your garage door system and reduces the likelihood of failure over time.

 4. Opener Travel Limits and Force Adjustment:

Our technicians will adjust the opener’s travel limits and force margin, ensuring that your garage door opens and closes according to specifications. This precision prevents any damage to the door or opener during operation.

 5. Safety Components Assessment:

Your safety is our priority. We will meticulously assess and adjust safety components and accessories, such as safety beams, Auto-Lock, and Safe Lock (if installed). This guarantees that your garage door operates with the highest safety standards.

 6. Garage Door Alignment Assessment:

Our team will thoroughly assess the alignment of your garage door, identifying any irregularities in its operation. In case of critical issues that require additional repair work, we will provide a separate quotation for your consideration.

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    Emergency Repairs

    We offer emergency garage door repairs throughout Perth. Providing prompt service, honest advice and quality workmanship to get your garage door moving again

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    Fantastic customer service from start to finish. Quick reply to request for quote, visited the same week to measure up. Consultative approach and advice with good product knowledge – no sales pitch. Good price, delivered and installed on time. Unfortunately had a problem with motor which also damaged the paint on door. Motor replaced immediately under manufacturer warranty with no quibbles and door replaced at their cost after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to repair. Couldn’t be happier with experience. Highly recommend Andy and the team.
    Craig Nicol
    Great service! Fixed my door for a reasonable price and tech also took the time to explain how I can keep it operating smoothly. He was very knowledgeable and adjusted the door so it doesn’t wear so much on the cable. Top notch service.
    Nigel Bennett
    Couldn’t recommend Swan Garage Doors any more highly. Team was fantastic to deal with right the way through the process, and the end result speaks for itself. Quality, pricing and customer service could not be faulted. Thank you to the team!
    Matt Azzollini
    Prompt, professional and outstanding service! I would definitely recommend Swan Garage Doors and will definitely use them again in the future. Shane and his offsider diagnosed and fixed the issues quickly and expertly. 11/10 for this company
    Fiona Anthony
    Great experience with Swan Garage Doors. Good communication, great pricing and work was done quickly and on time. The specialist was very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Highly recommend their company!!
    Ann Holmes
    I really liked the service I got from these guys, right from reception and quote to service and Installation. The gentleman that came out and fitted the remote controlled door was an absolute legend. Prompt and excellent customer service and customer satisfaction, professional job done at a very fair and reasonable price, would definitely recommend. Thanks guys
    John Boy
    The quickest and most efficient service I have had in a long time. Andy runs a tight ship with fast response times to enquiries and James did a fantastic job installing new springs and repairing our gargage door. Polite, professional, quality workmanship and priced fairly – don’t hesitate to use Swan Garage Doors.
    L Read
    Wonderful service. Prompt , efficient and courteous installers. . Great communication from office staff. Would recommend the firm to all.
    Noray Jones
    Excellent service, awesome installers.
    Gary Bennett
    Very pleased with the level of service from Swan. I had problems with the functioning of my garage door recently. I contacted Swan and they were immediately responsive. I had an appointment the next business day and Mark attended my home. He was friendly, courteous and understood the problem. It was quickly rectified and the issue was explained to me thoroughly. The price was reasonable and the service was efficient. Thanks again. I would highly recommend Swan Garage Doors.
    David Brown
    great service
    handsome Anglo
    Wonderful experience. Herman was great and fast. Will recommend to anyone. Swan Garage doors are great.
    Ux1 Ux1
    I rang around 4pm one day, they arrived just before the allocated time the next day. Superb service, did everything they said on the quote. Bloody superb.
    I was on a job and the clients door broke as we set in manual to close it as they didn’t leave the clicker to open and close the door. needles to say I tried to fix it a failed almost on the verge of tears because it was going to cost a fortune to get it fixed urgently and would not get service for 3 days I rang Swan Garage Doors Mark from SGD came down and with in 1hr of us calling and saved the day… at a very reasonable cost too Thank you to everyone at SGD you are the best …
    Michael Friello
    Excellent fast honest old school the team wa on time courteous knowledgeable and helpful. “Bloody legends”
    Peter sembach
    I called Swan Garage just after 4pm because one of the garage door panel popped out and it wouldn’t close. Receptionist asked about problem, gave a quote and arranged for technician to come out after he finished couple more jobs in the area. Within couple hours technician Adrian came and knew exactly what to do to fix the garage door and was very friendly and professional, he explained the issue and answers every question I have with a smile. I didn’t feel safe with garage door not being able to close so thankyou Swan Garage for arranging to have it fixed so swiftly and your technician Adrian is a legend and a total asset to your company. Will definitely use Swan Garage again and highly recommended.
    Joseph Nguyen
    From start to finish was a great experience, excellent service with pleasant and helpful technicians, and office staff very helpful as well. Highly recommend Swan Garage Doors
    Alan Strugnell
    I needed an urgent call out for my garage door. Emma sent someone within the hour and they were there before I could blink. Adrian was fantastic – new his stuff, explained what had happened and advised on the best way forward to prevent the same problem occurring again. Will ONLY use Swan Garage Doors in future and recommend them to anyone. Emma – thank you so much for organising this so quickly for me!
    Sue-Anne Ludin
    Really quick responses to emails and an online enquiry. The technician that came to our house the next day was delightful and provided us with amazing service. Highly recommend!
    Milena König
    A couple of weeks ago I jammed my garage door and it seized up. It is a Centurion door and I rang Centurion in Malaga for service. They couldn’t help me as they were booked out for weeks and directed me to my local service centre Swan Garage Doors. So glad they did. Office staff fantastic and booked me in for the next day and the technician that attended was excellent. Told me exactly what the the issue was, the cost and possible future problems for something that I openly admitted to causing. Everything is working fine now but if the motor does eventually die they provide high quality steel motors with 7 year warranties. Great business to deal with.
    After buying an established house our garage door has had issues from time to time being an older unit we have had to have the door rebalanced and eventually the motor replaced as it was original with the house. We have been customers for the last 2+ years and love the friendly and timely service provided. On another positive note the cost of repairs is very manageable and quotes are usually less than other companies. I would not go anywhere else for garage door repairs and enquires.
    Will Sandry
    Swan has attentive and courteous office staff who took the time to know and understand what I wanted. There was great communication and coordination with the installers who arrived on time and completed the work with no fuss and no mess.
    Graeme Cooper
    Wow, what service. Called at 7am with a problem with my roller door, by 1:30pm that afternoon the problem was fixed, garage door all serviced and sounds brand new again. I can not recommend these guys enough. Fantastic job done by Ed, and Shevy’s communication in the office was fantastic. 5-Star For Sure.
    Leon Ottobrino
    I was very happy with the garage I had installed. The price was reasonable.
    Michael Singer
    Fantastic service and at short notice, definitely recommend and would use again..
    andy smith
    Murphy’s law the garage door jammed up on New Years Eve but big thanks to Swan Garage Doors for coming out and fixing it
    John Quinlivan
    Truly reputable services and trustworthy.
    Alvin Teh
    Ed the roller door man was excellent. He was friendly and new his way around roller doors. Sorted mine out with no issues. Highly recommend swan garage doors
    Darren James
    Great effectiant service and really well priced.
    Matt Ladkin
    Absolutely satisfying experience from beginning to end. Was referrred to this company. Made enquiries and greeted by 100% helpful lady on the phone. Very professional. Required initial service very promptly organized, reviewed photos and info they requested immediately and gave us a good idea of what may be needed. Great system of keeping clients informed about when their service personnel are likely onsite. Once there, service and repairs expertly done, all explained. Delighted. Fully recommended. On garage door service, this is an open and shut case – use Swan Garage Doors!
    Bruce Sivalingam
    What an efficient and courteous team to engage. Just had my garage door serviced and a new remote added. All the booking was seamless online, good follow up via email and text, and Ed was spot on. Very engaging about what work he’d carried out. Definitely recommend Swan Garage Doors. Thanks
    Greg Thomson
    Amazing service from knowledgeable staff taking my call, to arranging a tech to come out that afternoon. Installation and taking old motor away, clean and fast. Would recommend this company absolutely.
    Andrea Hyde
    Phoned on a Saturday arvo needing a technician to come out asap to fix garage door. Service and communication was amazing, all fixed within a couple of hours. Highly recommend – give them a go.
    Kirsten Morgan
    Did a service on the garage doors and replaced two remotes. Did a good job, were professional and courteous. Good communication through text messages, so I knew exactly when they were going to turn up. Will certainly use them again.
    Brian Morss
    Quick service ! Reasonable price ! Herman arrived on time , did a great job and was easy to deal with ! Highly recommended !!!
    Marina Boschetto
    Highly recommended. Fast prompt efficient and friendly service..
    Peter Kolin
    Had Ed come fix my door. Was very transparent the whole time and explained everything to me. Great customer service and communication from everyone at the company, highly recommend them!
    Lewis diep
    Amazing service from booking my appointment to the technician arriving and fixing my old sqeeky roller door. Had been putting this job off, but there was no need at all, very affordable and the technician was professional and friendly. Thank you
    Lynda Miller
    Fabulous service and communication. Prompt and punctual, problem was explained and options given without pressure.
    Melville Correia
    All staff are professional and efficient! Thank you for always providing a great service 🙂
    Penny Haddock
    Very impressed with Swan Garage Doors (and the team at Wright Professionals). Our panel lift door ground to a halt last Friday in the morning after bringing in the bins. I noticed the wire had come off the reel on the tension rod. The door now jammed in the closed position I made a desperate call for help. To my great surprise the door had already been fixed when I rang late Friday afternoon from the office to enquire about when a serviceman could call out to repair. As a registered builder and maintenance contractor I have found that this prompt service is as rare as hens teeth. Many thanks to SGD for their commendable work. Stephen D, Kingsley WA
    Stephen Deards
    From initial quote through to post install Swan Garage doors were simply brilliant. First class design process for my tricky application which was subsequently well executed ahead of schedule. Thanks guys.
    Steve Allen
    Wanted to give a huge shout out to Swan Garage Doors who responded to a very frantic me first thing this morning when my door came unhinged and I couldn’t escape my home! Ed has been and done his magic and my garage door is now running smooth as. All of my interactions with Swan have always been so amazing in every way. What an incredible local business. Bravo!
    Nikki Irwin
    I am delighted to give a 5* rating to this service; after placing a phone call to Swan Garage Doors on Monday 07/09 here they are turning up to provide service in less than 48hours – in fact closer to 24hours. That is service! In this day & age when things can take forever to get done and you wait & wait for somebody to turn up, to be informed I’d get a service technician between 08.30 & 10.30 today and an advance sms/call just ahead of arrival AND for it to be exactly that is amazing. Steve arrived just after 09.00; cleaned & serviced the garage door mechanism & resolved the intermittent operational problem all in about 15minutes and ever so reluctantly accepted a coffee while doing so. To get the job done, no time wasted – to be able to receive & settle my account on the spot and get the receipt emailed immediately – all terrific; well done Swan Garage Doors generally & Steve in particular. No hesitation what-so-ever in recommending this service. NB – WA 6057
    Nigel Buxton

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