Black pick up truck parked outside open garage door.

Some people don’t see the harm in leaving their garage doors open. But even if you’ve done this and you’ve escaped the consequences, there are plenty of reasons why you should never leave your garage door open and unattended.

Garage doors are incredibly important in keeping your home safe from the elements as well as intruders, from nasty humans to small animals. Here is why you should always take the time to shut your garage door at night.


Garages don’t just store cars. Maybe you have a small workshop in your garage and you simply can’t stand the heat of working in it on a hot summer’s day with the door closed. That’s fine, but the second you leave your garage unattended, you allow small animals to come inside and make themselves welcome. Walk away for a few minutes or an hour and you might find that a bird has made its nest in a corner of your garage. Keep the door open all night, and you might find that a family of possums has found a cosy new home!


Protect Your Home and Belongings

It doesn’t matter how nice and safe your neighbourhood is. There are still thieves out there who will immediately target a home that has an open garage door. Not only would it be easy for a thief to simply walk in and steal some of your belongings while you slumber, but they can often easily let themselves into your home from the door in the garage.

According to crime statistics for 2014-2015, Western Australia is the car theft and home invasion capital of Australia. 5.5 percent of households were affected by motor vehicle theft (which is ahead of the Australian average of 2.9 percent), and more than 5 percent of WA homes, a total of 47,400 homes, were broken into. 35,800 homes reported attempted break-ins.

Don’t take the chance of allowing intruders onto your property and into your home where they can endanger your family. Make sure you close your garage door at night.


Need Help Closing Your Garage Door?

A broken garage door is no excuse for leaving it ajar all night. Whether you noticed your door was stuck or malfunctioning a week ago or when you got home from work, you should always take the necessary steps to make sure you can close it.

Swan Garage Doors in Perth offers 24-hour emergency garage door repairs, offering you assistance at any time of the day. Your safety is our top priority.                                                             

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